Cas and Spring Security

Spring Security supports a lot of different authentication systems. One of that is the central authentication service (CAS) which allows the users to authenticate in a Web Application (or different Web Applications) using a unique central service.

In this article, I’ll show the integration of the CAS with Spring security framework. As usual, by using an example.

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5 minutes with – Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

For improving the user experience on the web 2.0, Javascript is largely used in the web page. They are put in pages and in specific libraries so, they are called in the same domain and, even, cross domain.

Specially for that last point, I’d like to illustrate the way to access extra domain resources by adding a specific heade

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Recommendation using Easyrec

Users who have seen item A also have seen item B. Are the items in relation each other? A recommendation system has the aim to build different items to get relations available for the others users.

In this article I’m going to speak about how build relations using a Open-source solution named Easyrec.

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