Docker Swarm – containers distribution

Docker brings a feature (called Swarm) which aim is to gather docker instances in a single entity as a cluster making easier the deployment and scalability of containers inside. This makes Swarm an interesting alternative of the popular Kubernetes environment.
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Microservice – every service with its own database

Microservice architecture has introduced a new way to design solutions and some aspects, as the service isolation, are quite challenging to face.
In this article I drown my attention at model level, keep in mind the foundation of data isolation.
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Testing – The right one for the correct purpose

Unit, Integration, Functional, Regression or Stress Test are all valid test types; the matter is how use them with the right purpose in order to get the best outcomes when we apply them on our solutions.
In this article, I tried to clear up the scope of them and help you to make the best decision when you’re going to test your solution.
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Test-driven development – write code better, write it faster

Test driven development is a technique that should help us to write code better and faster than without this approach. Despite the rules are quite easy to understand, including these in our daily coding style routine, is not very trivial.
In this article, I’ll try to illustrate the key points of this method and which tools help us to achieve this code model.
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Tensorboard – show me my model!

Explain a trained model built with Machine Learning is not a trivial job; keep a good level of illustration of the model, avoiding too many details who may need to much listener knowledge to understand the result, it’s a challenge in this technologies.
Luckily, there’re tools which help us to describe the result for humans understanding. Let’s have a look at it.
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Does Machine Learning fit for me?

Machine learning can help you to work out a predictable model when the business rules applied in a common workflow might fail or, they are too complicated to be defined in a single process. In this article, I faced a common problem as classify a text in order to understand how Machine Learning helps me to get the best from my data.
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Avoid stressful deploy of release!

Approaching the release date with the correct strategy can concretly reduce the team stress level in order to get the best performance, avoiding suddenly rollbacks.

In this post I’m going to illustrate the most popular methodologies of application delivery to achieve a good deployment process.
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