Jersey – RESTful service

In one of my project, I used a Jersey framework to build a REST application. In this post I’ll introduce this lightweight framework that implements JAX-RS (JSR 311) references. If you are familiar with Spring MVC Rest you’ll find it very similar (obviously because both implement JAX-RS ).

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Sun MessageQueue – Install and Run

In this post I’d like to show my experience about installation and running of Sun Message Queue (SunMq).

As other services, SunMq is broker of Java Message Services (Jms) messages. I’ve found it very useful to split layers in multilayer application.

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5 minutes with – Spring Jpa

In this post I’d like to show how use Spring with Java Persistence API. I think Jpa is a good standard framework and I’m using Hibernate implementation in the follow example.

Other resources are at official Spring guide (Chapter 14.5 JPA) and I suggest to take a look at wikipedia’s definition of Jpa (I’ve found that a lot of people have a little confusion about Jpa..).

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5 minutes with – Spring Cache

Many times happens that we read information that we’ve already read just few time ago. These could be database, fileSystem or rss feed independently.

For the very static contexts (as weather forecast services) that changes once a day, calling the resource every time we need to show, it’s a very waste of time for our application.

For solve this problems, the keyword is cache. Now, I show you how implementing ehcache system with spring. Continue reading 5 minutes with – Spring Cache

5 minutes with – Spring Web Services

In these little posts “5 minutes with” I’d like to show you a very little part of code to complete a common pattern.

All the arguments that I’ll show are very wide, so, if you want to find out more about this, my suggestion is to follow the official web site.

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