Rmi vs Web Service

There are so many technologies for connecting remote systems that is not trivial take a choice about which one using.

In this post I’d like to put the focus on Spring Rmi and Spring Jax-WS. I wanted to answer only at one question, that’s because it’s very long describe the pro and cons about these technologies; anyway, the question, very typical in IT world is “Which one is the faster ?”.

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Clustering Apache Tomcat Failover

Probably you’ve already heard about this topic and it’s very simple to apply. Whatever you’ve already known or not, I’d like to set a little list about how configure a couple of tomcat application server with apache server on your developer enviroment.

It can be very usefull for testing clustering application when something goes wrong…

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Spring Web Flow

On Spring Framework, together the core project, we can find a lot of extensions which provide to cover different technologies. One of this is Spring web flow.

Spring web flow is Spring extension that provides a tool for defining a web application flow inside a configuration files. It can do that by using a combination of states and actions.

In this article I’d like to illustrate, with a simple project, what is it and how we can adopt that in our solution.

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