Clustering Apache Tomcat Failover

Probably you’ve already heard about this topic and it’s very simple to apply. Whatever you’ve already known or not, I’d like to set a little list about how configure a couple of tomcat application server with apache server on your developer enviroment.

It can be very usefull for testing clustering application when something goes wrong…

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Tomcat – Digest Authentication

Digest authentication is one of authentication type available on web server. This is very similar with Basic authentication and, the main difference, is using a encoded password. This password is stored into Realm implementation and this allow you to store encoded text password on your web server.

In this article I’ll show you the digest authentication implementation on tomcat 7.

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Glassfish – Basic authentication

A good and simple way to apply an authentication system to our web application is to use a basic role authentication.

This could be quickly configurated inside an application server and every web app gets the protection. In this article I’ll describe the use of it inside glassfish using a servlet which return the orders only for authenticated users.

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