Data encryption and decryption – make the right choice

AES, DES, Blowfish with digest or salt, md5 … sometimes these terms can drive you crazy when you must encrypt your data. In this post I’d like to make a few order to help you make the right choice in the right direction.
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Sample of Voice Authentication

Have you ever thought of using your voice instead of plain text string to get authenticated?

It’s not science fiction, it’s called biometric authentication and, some company as Google, are going to moving on in the next years.

In this article, I’m going to illustrate it using an open source library and a little example.

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Custom Jdbc Spring 4 Authentication

Spring Security makes available a good base customizable authentication layer to transform a plain web application into a secure one.

In this article I’ll show some of the behaviours that are customizable in a Spring solution. Obviously, I won’t describe all the possible parts but only a brief part of them but, I’m sure, once you got them, it’d be easy to understand how to customize even the deeper part of the code.

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