Custom Jdbc Spring 4 Authentication

Spring Security makes available a good base customizable authentication layer to transform a plain web application into a secure one.

In this article I’ll show some of the behaviours that are customizable in a Spring solution. Obviously, I won’t describe all the possible parts but only a brief part of them but, I’m sure, once you got them, it’d be easy to understand how to customize even the deeper part of the code.

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Junit testing with Spring

Testing code is an important step as writing code. Unfortunately this task is frequently put at last position, too near the project deadline and,  for that reason, it stays unimplemented.

In this post I’m not going to argue about the project timeline but I’d like to discuss of how test the solution when not all the resource are available at the developer’s environment.

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5 minutes with – Spring WebFlow

Spring Framework makes available a powerful package named WebFlow that allows the building of step-by-step web navigation.

It’s common to have to deal with check out shopping cart in e-commerce web site or, completely different process as retrieve password.

In this article I’d like to introduce this technology making an airline booking process example.

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