5 minutes with – Spring Integration

A very common schema, nowadays, is the need of transforming data and processing them through a pipeline where, at the end, we get the data ready to use.

In this article, I’ll show how to get it using Spring Integration by a simple example.

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5 minutes with – Spring WebFlow

Spring Framework makes available a powerful package named WebFlow that allows the building of step-by-step web navigation.

It’s common to have to deal with check out shopping cart in e-commerce web site or, completely different process as retrieve password.

In this article I’d like to introduce this technology making an airline booking process example.

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Mule 3.3 – jBPM Model Part 1

In this post I’d like to describe the integration between Mule (Release 3.3) and Business Process Model (BPM). I’m using a Jboss implementation named jBPM.

BPM is a very huge argument, we’ll try to speak about it and look at used in Mule ESB. This wouldn’t be a post about entire BPM. I’ll not so able to speak about it.

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