Spring boot Oauth2 – Client

Connect an OAuth Client to a server using Spring OAuth2 library is a lightweight way to get information from third part where this protocol is available.
In this post I’ll show you how to make it using few configurations and code files.
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Spring boot Oauth2 with MongoDb e custom authentication

In this article I’m going to illustrate the implementation of Spring¬†boot security¬†Oauth2 from both the server and the client side. The example uses NoSQL Db as MongoDB, a choice that I think it’s optimal for this solution.

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Custom Jdbc Spring 4 Authentication

Spring Security makes available a good base customizable authentication layer to transform a plain web application into a secure one.

In this article I’ll show some of the behaviours that are customizable in a Spring solution. Obviously, I won’t describe all the possible parts but only a brief part of them but, I’m sure, once you got them, it’d be easy to understand how to customize even the deeper part of the code.

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Cas and Spring Security

Spring Security supports a lot of different authentication systems. One of that is the central authentication service (CAS) which allows the users to authenticate in a Web Application (or different Web Applications) using a unique central service.

In this article, I’ll show the integration of the CAS with Spring security framework. As usual, by using an example.

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