Spring @Retry annotation

Spring Retry project make available to setup a retry policy for that operations which, depending on a large numbers of different reasons, failed.

In this article I showed an easy way to apply this technology including some considerations of the different configuration types.
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Streaming using Apache Spark

Dealing with data streaming is always a challenging task to accomplish. Data that can achieve a big dimension needs a scalable system to avoid sudden failures. Apache Spark “Streaming” cube is a framework library born to deal with streaming process data processing. Let’s have a look at it.
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A quick review to the Data Access methods with Spring

A little journey through the different possible access data methodologies that Spring makes available to Get and Set data on a SQL persistence storage.

A rapid review from the most controlled approach that delegates this task to framework (e.g. Hibernate) to the least controlled where you have to write the SQL queries.

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