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10.000 times thanks to everybody who visited  this website.
Thanks to everyone who came here …

…. by typing the wrong url address
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…. smiled or laughed after having read some articles
…. tried to understand what I wanted to say with my English

That has been a goal which I’ve never thought to reach before starting writing this blog.

Stay connected , I’ll go on with others articles.



Mule 3.3 – jBPM Model Part 1

In this post I’d like to describe the integration between Mule (Release 3.3) and Business Process Model (BPM). I’m using a Jboss implementation named jBPM.

BPM is a very huge argument, we’ll try to speak about it and look at used in Mule ESB. This wouldn’t be a post about entire BPM. I’ll not so able to speak about it.

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Logging mule flow with DerbyDb – Part 1

In one of my project I had needed to keep tracking the mule flow with deeper details than log4j logger.

I wasn’t happy to read a lot of rows at file log in multi-thread enviroment like Mule. So, I decided to use DerbyDb in embedded mode to log the flow of the message in more friendly way and access it by http connector.

I’m going to split this task in two posts. At this first part I’m describing how create Db Derby, integrate it in mule enviroment and, finally, write log message as record.

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