Spring @Retry annotation

Spring Retry project make available to setup a retry policy for that operations which, depending on a large numbers of different reasons, failed.

In this article I showed an easy way to apply this technology including some considerations of the different configuration types.
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Pivotal GemFire – Apache Geode

A first glance at this powerful platform for distributing data across different node clients in order to improve the scalability of the application which adopts this solution of distributed cache (and not only).

In this post, I’ll show you an example using one features of Apache Geode accessing the data through Spring Data platform.
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A quick review to the Data Access methods with Spring

A little journey through the different possible access data methodologies that Spring makes available to Get and Set data on a SQL persistence storage.

A rapid review from the most controlled approach that delegates this task to framework (e.g. Hibernate) to the least controlled where you have to write the SQL queries.

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